We, social and political organizations and trade unions in Europe subscribe to the following manifesto, in which we want to address workers from all over the continent:

We reject the European Union as a political-economic, military and cultural structure of domination of the peoples and of the working class, which aims to maintain the capitalist, imperialist and patriarchal system for the benefit of a few.

We live in times of increasing fascism, times of racism and xenophobia, times of sexism and constant violence against women and dissident bodies, times of closing borders and violation of individual and collective rights, times of impoverishment of the populations and loss of labour rights, times of destruction of territories and local agriculture and times of pillaging of  resources, both inside and outside the European Union; times of repression towards anyone who raises their voice, sings or writes against the established power; times of denial of the right of free self-determination of the peoples, times of the intensification of imperialist aggressions on the part of the United States of America, the European Union and NATO; in conclusion, times of aggression against the peoples and the whole working class.

But we are certain that it is not a temporary situation that will be restored over time – it is structural: the response of the European Union to continued development and perpetuation of the capitalist system of accumulation. In fact, the European Union was born precisely to defend and maintain the interests of the European elites, even though they have wanted to show us a friendly face.

Therefore, we state that it is not possible to reform the European Union so that it responds to the interests of the peoples and the grass roots. The Troika, the European Commission, NATO, EUROPOL, etc. are completely undemocratic structures and the European Parliament an inoperative and parasitic organism in the service of the elites and the transnationals. Any alternative of democratization will have to go through the deconstruction of the European Union and the construction of a model of integration, which goes beyond the current geographical area and will be based on solidarity and the sovereignty of peoples.

For this reason, the organizations signing this manifesto call upon the people to increase internationalist solidarity and to jointly begin designing an alternative to the European Union, in the sevice of the peoples and the working class.

Europe, November 2018